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Here are the guidelines for registering your hotmail account. Visit the official hotmail website: You will be automatically redirected to the web page

How to create a Hotmail account?

  • Here you can see the hotmail sign in option. You can enter email and password in the box provided and click on the sign-in option, if you are already having a Microsoft account. If you do not have Windows Live or Hotmail address, click on “create one” option below the sign in box. You will be directed to the Fill out the “create an account” page.
  • Enter the basic information needed by Microsoft like your first name, last name, country/ region, birth date with month, day and year, gender, country code, phone number. You will also need to enter an alternate e-mail address for safety purpose.


  • To fill the create an account form; you need to select a username. This username will remain as your ID for using all Microsoft services. Select a user name which is unique and which you will be able to recollect easily.  You can use numbers, alphabets, periods, etc., to make your username unique. Enter the username and click on the drop down to select as your email ID. If Microsoft finds your username not available for use, then you need to select another new one or make modification by adding numbers, periods, etc.
  • The next step is to create the password for your hotmail ID. You need to select a password with not less than 8 characters. You need to use a mix of alphabets, numbers and symbols to create the password. Avoid using easy to guess words and personal information as your password. Always keep your password secure. You need to re-enter the password in the next box to confirm your password.


  • Microsoft verifies that you are not a robot by asking you to enter the captcha code provided. If you are unable to read the code given to you, use the “new” button to get a new code or you can click on the “audio” button to hear the code through your computer speakers.
  • You can click on the next box, if you want to get promotional offers from Microsoft Company. You can unsubscribe this option any time you need.
  • Now click on “create account” box to agree to the service agreements and privacy policy of Microsoft.


Sign in Hotmail process

After you create Hotmail account, sign in is very simple. Enter the username and password in the hotmail login page in the correct type boxes and then click on sign in option to get access to the mails. If you know the features offered by the hotmail service, you will be able to take full advantage of this service.  It offers complete security for signing in, reading and sending mails, etc. It offers good storage capacity and ease in sending huge files. You will be able to view, share and edit docs without downloading.

You can even create more than one Hotmail account for different purposes as well. Just make sure that you remember the passwords for these accounts.

Communication through emails has become an essential part of our life. We use email service to communicate with our family, business associates, colleagues, friends, etc.  Hotmail is the first e-mail service from Microsoft and it is one of the most popular services among internet users. This service is available from Microsoft at the website address This is a completely free email service which offers fast and flexible service.  You need to have a Hotmail or Microsoft account to use this service and it is very easy to create an account to access various Microsoft products like windows operating system, OneDrive, Xbox live apart from email services such as and You can use the official sing/sign up page of hotmail website or hotmail’s mobile app to create the hotmail account. When you create a hotmail account, you will be able to use a feature rich email service and you will be able to be in touch with your family and business associates and friends in a more efficient way.

The OneDrive service allows you to access any files in your inbox to PCs, Macs, smart phones and iPads. To find the step by step process in creating the hotmail account.

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