Hotmail Sign in – Login

When you log onto Hotmail account you simply need to do the following:

  • Open up the Hotmail official page or login through or
  • Even if the page layout appears different, MSN has added such changes but the account access and email features remain the same if not upgraded
  • The sign in section appears on the right hand section of the page. Here you need to sign in, using your credentials
  • There are several options to choose at the time of signing in such as check on the box given if you wish to save your password; you could also ask to be remembered on the computer you are logging in from if it is solely used by you and you need not be bothered by having to sign in every time.

hotmail sign in account

Usually on logging in to your Hotmail account you will be seeing the MSN home page. The MSN home page flashes the current news as per country or region you reside in and other popular apps and services. You could choose to be directed to your inbox as well, by making the changes required in the settings of your mail.

Once you have signed into your Hotmail account, what you see are the following:

hotmail login account

  • In the inbox section, the unread messages are shown in bold and the number of unread messages is indicated by a number
  • The latest messages received will be shown on the top
  • When you are expecting any message and you do not see it, it might be lying in the junk folder

The new interface of Hotmail is easy to figure out due to the easy to use features and the user friendly interface.

If you are confused as to how to access your Hotmail account in the midst of all the changes that have occurred, you need not be worried. The access credentials and mails remain the same as before with some changes in the domain and page layout, features offerings and others that have come about due to the outlook domain being introduced.

hotmail login inbox

Hotmail enjoys a subscriber base of over thirty million these days. That is mainly because, it is one of the premier web based mail services to be launched at the onset of the internet revolution. It was launched way back in 1996 and at that time, it helped to free many people from having to stay tethered to the shackles of ISP based email services. Hotmail helped to free people from having to stick to a specific internet connection and computer in order to log in and sign in to their email. With Hotmail, you could check your email from anywhere in the world as long as you could access the internet through any computer. Since the late nineties, Hotmail has undergone several changes in technology and ownership. It is now a part of the group of services offered by MSN. It became part of MSN from 1997 after which it was brought under the array of services that were clubbed under the Windows Live brand. Today Hotmail domain has been integrated with the platform.

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