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There are about three hundred million subscribers to Hotmail and for them, there have been several changes that have been introduced and have unsettled them to a large extent. Hotmail has been under the MSN banner for quite some time. For a long time, MSN did not introduce any changes and allowed Hotmail account users to login and use their Hotmail account as they were used to. However, certain consolidation efforts have been underway from last year.

outlook vs hotmailcom

Today Microsoft has moved all its web mail services to a unified platform, known as the domain. All the mail users of the different account services are now being redirected to However Hotmail users have nothing to fear. The fundamental differences are nil as only the domain difference has happened and Hotmail has come under outlook. That offers the existing Hotmail users more choice and more features and the advantages of the new Outlook web based email service are being extended to them as well.

If we go back to the beginning of both these services, Hotmail was introduced in the late nineties as a free web based email service. It was then taken over by MSN though it maintained its main features while Outlook was an email program that resided in the Windows operating system marketed by Microsoft. Today the difference between Outlook and Hotmail has vanished as they have come together under the Live brand of Windows. For the existing Outlook users, they are freed of the shackles of their OS dependent email program and they can now login and access their outlook account from anywhere and from any computer. For the Hotmail users they can use their same login credentials to view their old inbox under the new outlook domain.

Once one logs in to their Hotmail account using their login credentials as before, there are some changes in the layout and features that one needs to get used to. There are several changes made such as the Contacts tab that has been renamed as People. Some old features are missing and new ones added in the new modern and flat layout of the outlook com Hotmail inbox.

If you are wondering what are the changes as compared to the old Hotmail and the new Outlook service, here is a lowdown on the differences you will find:

  • Today Outlook is not accessed internally. You will need to have internet access in order to visit the outlook domain and access your inbox and other mail folders
  • Hotmail’s login interface is the same as the new login page. You can use either or hotmail credentials to sign into your unified mail service
  • You can integrate your email accounts under the Live Widows settings
  • Outlook inbox offers certain changes in the mail functions and features. The tabs have also changed. For Hotmail users, there is a tab in the references setting where they can click to get back the old and familiar Hotmail layout

The new outlook mail features are upgraded and these are extended to existing Hotmail users as well. You can migrate to the mail service and integrate your existing Hotmail mail folders. All such options are now being made available to Hotmail users.

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