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You have the option to set up the 2-step verification using an email address, authenticator app or a phone. Whenever you sign in Hotmail account through a new device or from a new location, you will be sent a security code either to your email address or phone or app that you need to enter in order to gain access to your Hotmail inbox as we explain here.


Two step verification set up option

Once you turn on the two step verification, you will receive the security code on your chosen device every time you log in from an un-trusted device. If the two step verification is turned off, then you will not have to get access to your Hotmail account through the security code. Your password will be more than enough.
Hotmail Login with 2-step verification 

By setting up the two step verification, you will enable it across all the services offered by Microsoft like OneDrive, Skype,, Microsoft Office,, Bing, etc. The following is the procedure to set up the two step verification for Hotmail.

With a phone number

  • Open a web browser and visit the Hotmail sign in page or click on
  • Once you are on the sign in page, enter your email address and password in the respective boxes and then sign in to your account.
  • Get access to the Accounts settings option of your Hotmail account from the inbox, locate set up two-step verification and click on it.
  • Then click the Next option. Choose the phone number option from the drop down menu list and enter your correct phone number in the designated field.
  • The next option is to choose if you want to receive the security code on your phone through SMS or via call and then click “Next”.
  • You will instantly receive a code on your phone, enter it in the space provided and click Next option.
  • Finally, click on Finish to activate the two step verification process using the phone.

With an email address

  • Sign in Hotmail accounts like usual and visit the Account settings page.
  • Locate two step verification link, click on it and then from the drop down menu list opt for an alternate email address option.
  • Enter the alternate email address that you have and use in the type box for the same and then click next. An email will be sent from Hotmail to your alternate email.
  • Log in to the alternate email and get access to the security code sent there.
  • Copy it and enter it in your Hotmail account page and then click “Next”.
  • Click Finish to complete the process.

13Using an authenticator app

If you are using a Smartphone to access mails, then it is better to activate the two step verification using an authenticator app.

  • Go to and Login Hotmail account using your credentials. In the top right corner of your inbox, click on Account Settings option.
  • Click on the two step verification link and then the Next option.
  • Click on an app from the drop down menu list and then choose the device that you are using (Android, Windows, iPhone, etc.,) and then click on the Next option.
  • Follow the instructions that come up depending on the device platform and complete the two step verification using the authenticator app.


Hotmail is a widely used web based email application by people all over the world. In order to secure the mails in your account and prevent it from getting hacked, Microsoft suggests that you activate the two-step verification process for your account. This will prevent anyone from trying to sign in to your Hotmail email account and get access to all your personal information. It is very important for you to activate the two step verification if you are trying to access mails from public or shared computers. There are two different forms of identity that is used by the two-step verification and that is a contact method and a password. So, anyone who has access to your password will not be allowed to access your mails as they do not have your security info with them.

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